Difference and application characteristics of butterfly valve, gate valve and ball valve

Butterfly valve

The working principle of butterfly valve is to drive the circular butterfly valve through the valve shaft to do 90 degrees forward and reverse rotation to open and close the valve to control the flow. Through the installation of dynamic or electric automatic control device, it can be controlled remotely and automatically. However, due to the limitation of valve body structure, it is not suitable for making high-temperature and high-pressure valves. Large diameter butterfly valves are generally used for pressure below 4MPa and medium below 400 degrees, and their sealing performance is also worse than gate valves and ball valves. Butterfly valve is characterized by simple structure, small volume and quick opening and closing, which is especially suitable for making larger diameter butterfly valve. The price is also cheaper than other kinds of valves.


Gate valve

The closing part of the gate valve is to control the vertical up and down opening and closing to cut off the flow through the screw, which is generally only used for full opening or full closing, not as a regulating function. The utility model has good sealing performance and pressure bearing medium pressure, which is suitable for making high temperature and high pressure valves. However, the gate valve body has large shape and complex structure. The cost is relatively high. And there should be no granular medium in the medium, otherwise it will affect the closing and sealing effect of the electric gate valve.


ball valve

The ball valve is an opening and closing part, which is a ball. It rotates through the 90 degree rotation of the opening and closing part. The position of the flow passage hole in the ball is controlled to achieve the function of opening and closing the valve. The ball valve has good sealing performance and can be used for adjustment and truncation. Can also be made into    three-way, four-way ball valve. To achieve multiple pipeline control function. The advantages of ball valve are small fluid resistance, fast opening and closing speed, not limited by the medium, can be two-way flow, two-way seal. Because of the structural characteristics, it is not easy to be stuck by medium foreign matter. Bear pressure, suitable for high temperature, pressure valve. The sealing ring is usually made of Teflon. When the medium temperature is high, hard seal ball valve can be selected. Generally, the ball and sealing surface of hard seal ball valve should be hardened or sprayed, which can withstand higher temperature, but the price is generally higher.

Post time: May-06-2022